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Keeping in contact is easy

Scan business cards, input manually, or if they have Moondust also, exchange right over the air!

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Follow-up is easy

Instantly sends an email with your details attached. Review your contacts on a timeline.

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Enterprise goodies, too!

New contacts can be immediately shared with your enterprise, and sent to Salesforce as new leads.

Send new contacts right to Salesforce. A new lead is generated for each contact.

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Handed a business card? Just scan it in.

Moondust will take a picture of the card and read the text. Then drag the scanned text elements up to the correct fields, and you're all good.

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Download to Excel. Share your new contacts with the team.

Link your Moondust apps to an enterprise account, and all new contacts can be downloaded to Excel.

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You like maps? We have maps.

See where you made each contact, so you can remember why you met them.

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Connector emails. With attachments.

Moondust will send a connection email with your contact info as an attachment, readable by anything they've got.

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See who you've met. Also, when and where.

Review all their info at a glance. And you can place a call, send an email or text, or open Maps and see where you met them.

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