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Remember who you connected with

Instead of wondering whose business card this is in your pocket, view a timeline of everybody you've shared contact info with.

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Other person doesn't have Moondust?

No problem! They can type in their information, and it shows up in the timeline, just like shares over the air.

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And stay in touch

Keep the conversation going! Moondust lets you instantly follow up with an email or text.

You like maps? We have maps.

See where you made each contact, so you can remember why you met them.

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Connector emails. With attachments.

If they've entered their details manually, your connector email will have your contact info as an attachment, readable by anything they've got.

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See who you've met. Also, when and where.

Review all their info at a glance. And you can place a call, send an email or text, or open Maps and see where you met them.

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